Q: Is it only cat fish on Tee Ess Farms?
A: For now yes, but we have a 5 year plan in place which will see the introduction of other types of fish
Q: Does your packaged smoked fish have any govt approved licence or certification?
A: Our smoked fish has the Nigerian NAFDAC approval as well as approval from FDA of America
Q: Is there a minimum quantity of fish I can buy from the farm? 
A: Yes, the minimum quantity of fish that can be bought is 1 carton, which contains 50 bags. Each bag contains no less than 2no. fish with combined weight of no less than 500grms
-Does the farm sell fish feed-
A: No, we do not.
-I am an individual, can I register for any of the training programs offered by Tee Ess Farms
A: We encourage people to attend training programs in groups of no less than 20 people. This makes it more economical. If you however insist on attending a training program alone, kindly contact us at info@tee-essfarms.com and we will work something out for you.
-Do you only sell live fish
A: Apart from live fish, we also sell smoked whole fish, filletted smoked fish, chunked smoked fish, edible fish eggs, brooders, live fish hampers, etc.
Q: I am thinking of starting a fish farm, can Tee Ess Farms assist me in any way so I don't make any mistakes?
A: We run various comprehensive training courses and on-farm programs for all categories of people and groups
-Does Tee Ess Farms accept students on excursion
A: Yes, we welcome school age children on excursion to the Farm premises however, the school must inform us in writing of their intension and communicate the date they wish to visit the farm. This written request must get to us at least 7days before the proposed date of visit.
Q: Without having to attend any of your training programs, can a book an appointment so you can explain a certain aspect of the fish farming process?
A: Yes we will be happy to meet with you. We provide consultancy services that cover the entire fish farming value chain.
-Can I buy fish feed from your farm
A: No, we do not sell fish feed.
-Is it actual live fish that is inside your Fish Hamper
A: Yes, our Live Fish Hampers contain 2no. live catfish of no less than 2kg combined weight.
-Is there a minimum of order quantity for your live fish hamper
A: Yes, the minimum order quantity for our Live Fish Hamper is 10 hampers
Q: Roughly how long can the fish in your live fish hamper survive before they are killed for eating?
A: You are expected to simply change the water in the container every day. Simply empty the water currently in the container by tilting the container, draining the water from the openings in the top cover. Then fill the container with fresh water such that the water barely covers the top of the fish. By repeating this process every day, the fish can survive up to 8 days or more.
Q: I manage a restaurant. Can I rely on Tee Ess Farms to consistently deliver either live or smoked fish to us every week.
A: We currently have a fish production capacity 100 tonnes per annum, so, yes we can consistently meet your fish supply needs.
Q: Is the quality of your smoked fish good enough for me to buy in bulk for export purposes?
A: Yes, Tee Ess Farms has the USA Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) No. 1248378216 and is supported by Nigeria Export Promotion Council Certification for export. Our fish products are of high quality and ready for export.