Tee Ess Integrated Farms Limited is equipped with World Bank Trained Trainers with several years of training experience.

As a World Bank trained Business Development Service Provider, Tee Ess Integrated Farms is a one-stop-shop for practical demonstration and training of farmers, investors and youths interested in the business of fish farming along the entire value chain. .

Facilities currently available on the farm include:

  • 1. Hatchery for Fingerling Production.

  • 2. 9 Nursery ponds of varying sizes.

  • 3. 15 Grow out ponds of varying sizes.

  • 4. 22 Holding Tanks/grow-out ponds of varying sizes.

  • 5. A model international Standard Processing Plan with 1 tonne / batch capacity Fish Smoking Oven.

  • 6.  Packaging Equipment and Materials.