About Us

Tee Ess Integrated Farms Limited was established in July 2004 with registration number RC 602388 to among other things provide agricultural and business development services to the Nigerian agricultural sector.

The company is made up of experts in aquaculture practice, catfish farming training, catfish processing and exporting amongst others. Tee Ess Integrated Farms experts have a proven track record of excellence and results in facilitating the achievement of the objective of Commercial Agriculture Developmental Projects through application of aquaculture best practice, knowledge transfer and capacity building.

Tee Ess Integrated Farms was a 2009 grant beneficiary of the World Bank/Federal Government of Nigeria Fish Farming Industry Supply Chain Development Project in Nigeria. More than 5,000 direct and many more indirect beneficiary of Tee Ess Farms capacity building programme exist all over the county.

Tee Ess Integrated Farms Limited (TS Farms) is a lead farmer in Lagos State under the Aquaculture value chain of Commercial Agriculture Development Project. TS Farms is a private sector business concern, collaborating with the World Bank, USAID, Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission, Nigeria Export Promotion Council, Winrock International and other development partners to enhance productivity along the aquaculture value chain while also boosting non-oil export.

Tee Ess Integrated Farms Limited (TS Farms) is the first World Bank approved Business Development Service provider along the Aquaculture value chain in Lagos State, Nigeria, with the banks mandate to provide best practices capacity building, consultancy services and also disseminate information, through the publication of a journal, AQUACULTURE BEST Magazine to all stakeholders within the fish farming industry value chain.
Our Mission and Objectiveis to operate as a sustainable and efficient business concern, providing the best practice of international standards in both service delivery and product quality at affordable and profitable costs to the customer and the business concern, while enhancing employment opportunities and boosting food and healthy security, working with other committed individuals and organizations the world over.

Tee Ess Integrated Farms took off with 10 concrete ponds of varying sizes with a total annual production capacity of 22.6 tonnes of fish per annum. With additional ponds, 43.6 tonnes were produced in 2005. The annual production increased to 65.6 tonnes in 2006 following our construction of additional ponds which increased the number to 28 ponds of 2m x 6m each. By end of 2013. Production capacity had increased to 100 tonnes per annum.

TS Farms currently specializes in fish processing and packaging for both local consumption and export.

After benefiting from the Commercial Agriculture Development Programme in Lagos State, we now have a giant size improved fish smoking kiln, 1 tonne capacity per batch, for fish processing supported by 22 no fish holding tanks that enhances our services as a central processing farm with capacity to process and package at international standards for other farmers and investors.

Trained by the World Bank in 2008 to build the capacity of other fish farmers, Tee EsS Farms’ is working on an in-built processing plant and training hall capable of accommodating about 150 participants at a time, with other and world Bank trained facilitators as co-trainers.

To date, no fewer than 5,000 farmers including members of Lagos State Catfish and Allied Farmers Associations and other investors have benefited from our business development services executed with the support of the World Bank through the Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission.

Registered to export fish product to the United States of America after the due registration process and product laboratory test through our USA Partner and consultant, TS Farm has the USA Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) No. 1248378216 backed and supported by Nigeria Export Promotion Council Certification for export.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart